#Fitness Weights


I’ve always associated weight lifting with men…until I saw women that make it look good. I normally, like most women, use dumbbells up to 5 and sometimes 10kgs but that’s not enough. There is a space in our minds between what we do and what we could do. I’m ready to explore that space. I am challenging myself. I need to step out of the treadmill comfort zone and go beyond my imagination. I’m turning 23 this coming Friday and I’ve decided to make it my best year yet (by the grace of God). I’ve lived in “What If” avenue for too long. And this goes beyond the gym. I’ve been just surviving, now I think it’s time to live 🙂


#Fitness Relapse


I relapsed. I took off my gym clothes and didn’t put them on for two weeks. At first it was because I got lazy. Then I realised itwaa because I was disappointed with my one month progress report. Basically according to the scale I had put on more weight.

I tried to get over that disappointment and I succeeded. But then I had to get over another hurdle…training alone. It sucks! I normally train with two colleagues but they aren’t training for ironman, they’re just gym members. At first, staying motivated was incredibly easy; I had a plan and I was working to achieve my goal. But as time went by, I realised I needed more motivation.

After two weeks of not going to the gym, I returned with an hour session on the treadmill. It was great but not enough to keep me motivated. Anyway, I’m back and I’m praying for new strength to keep me going.