#Foodie Couscous salad


I love couscous. I really do. But for the longest time, I’ve been very sceptical of having it as a salad. Then last week happened. I was busy with a project at work and I lost track of time. By the time I got to the canteen, there was nothing but a few salads…which was great because that’s where I am now, salads. So I decided to try the couscous salad. A tiny voice whispered to me and told me to get another serving for dinner but I decided not to listen to it (I’m sorry Holy Spirit). So I paid and left the canteen. Sitting at my desk, I opened up this mystery filled takeaway and began to indulge. It was magical! Not too cold but not warm. The red peppers gave it a sweet taste and the green peppers balanced everything up. I went home that evening and invented my own version of this salad 🙂


Peppers (green, yellow and red)
Olive oil
Boiling water

Pour the required amount of couscous in a bowl or microwave safe plastic container. Add seasoning and boiling water that is of the measurements listed on the box. Seal the bowl or container until the couscous has reached the desired consistency. Separate grains using a fork. Put aside to cool.

In a frying pan or a wok, add olive oil, diced peppers, diced mushrooms and finely diced garlic. Season according to your desire. Fry until the mushrooms are golden brown then take off the stove.

Mix the couscous with the fried veges in a container, seal it and place it in the fridge. Serve chilled. Enjoy 🙂


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