#SpokenWord My name is Woman

I responded to your awkwardly timed invitation
you called it a booty-call
well you aint tappin this booty so you better call
someone else

I was broke, you asked me out
you called me a gold digger
not knowing that the only thing i was diggin was
your mind

I kissed you on our first date
you called me a hoe
I refused to lay with you on our second date
you STILL called me a hoe
Now hold up
Is your vocabulary stuck?
Does your mind move like a truck?

See I’ve been called so many names I dont know
which one is worse
Your ‘manlynes’ had me thinkin being a woman
was a curse

I’ve been the female canine that carries everydogs child
The nice girl who’s body was a bed and her skin linen sheets
I’ve been the fat girl everybody bounced on
The black girl nobody could see through
The tall girl nobody could get to

I’ve been

But thats not my name
My name is in the thickness of my hair
The flavour of my skin
The extensiveness of my dream

It’s in my breasts and my thighs, curves that no
car can get around
It’s in the choreographed wisdom that my voice carries out
The complex simplicity that my emotions speak about

Your stiffness does not entice me
However, you intelligence excites me
I’ve beseeched the heavens to let me breathe the
same air as you
Not the trifflin you but the God fearing you
But you STILL dont know my name

So, im the girl with diamonds in her stride
Happiness in her speech and independence as her ride
I’m the one with goldness in her touch
Truth in her dwelling and confidence as her pen.

My name?
My name is Woman.


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