Lately I’ve been listening to Jonathan and Melissa Helser. They’re beyond worship leaders and musicians…they’re people that have an understanding of what it means to have an intimate relationship with God.

About two weeks ago I got a strong and unexplainable desire to know God deeper, to dive deeper into His love, to know Him intimately. Then last week I found myself in a situation where had I not known that God loves me, I would have died…spiritualy.

Today I stand having obtained help from God. Today I stand a living, breathing testimony of Gods love. His love changes situations, it changes hearts, it changes what would have been. I wish I could stand on a mountain high enough for the whole world to see me as I confess about this Love that has not only given me hope, but a future. The simple fact that He has numbered the hair on my head is enough to show how much He cares. My heart no longer holds position at the shore but is going further and further into the vastness of Gods love. I’m going in over my head.


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