#Spoken_word I am


Before blogging, many years ago, I wrote poetry. For a long time I used that as my way of venting. Time went by and I kind of ourtgrew it but it’s always been an art that’s quite close to my heart. I wrote this about three years ago when God was starting to open up my eyes to see what a blessing it is to be called Woman…enjoy 🙂

I am proper,
I come with terms and conditions,
copyright laws,

I am a different kind of sophistication,
a fly sister,
with lips that run like water from a burst pipe,
charisma brighter than the sun on the hottest day,
mind deep
thoughts rich
more eyes than the natural set.
Don’t let my ghetto vocabulary phase you,
I am more than what I say.
I touch with intention
move with liberty
kiss with inspiration.
an aura of grace
presence of humility.

I am spirit.
Faith like an evergreen tree,
I look not at the world,
but at the Lord,
the maker of heaven and earth.
His love is pure,
His love is forever.
The same God that heals, delivers, sanctifies and is
glorified fathers me.
He is arms to hold
heart to love
feet to follow
and voice to hear.
I am my own specie.
I appreciate,
I celebrate.
My love is simple yet full
yes I love.
I love passionately
I laugh tremendously
and I have fun gracefully.

Colour me Woman
for I am.


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