#Wellness healthy lunch for work


A while ago God blessed me with a job offer, about six weeks ago I started working as an audit trainee. I can’t begin to express how blessed I am with this opportunity 🙂

Anyway, shortly after I started, I realised that lunch was either going to be the birth or the death of me. For three weeks we were hosted by the company. Breakfast was a full english breakfast starting with cereal and ending with beautifully sautéed mushrooms and a very extensive cheese board. Tea break (yes we had that too) was croissant sandwiches with cookies and hot beverages. Lunch…from chicken lasagne to sushi, from Greek salad to beef stew with rice, from grilled fish to a regular burger and chips meal. Dinner was lunch on steroids. Every night had a selection of desserts. This was my life for three weeks.

I then decided to join the gym and start training for ironman and I knew things would have to change with the way I eat. One thing I had to change immediately was lunch. Canteen lunch, as good as it is, is not the healthiest nor is it the most economical. The following are great lunch ideas f for the office:

1. Leftovers
Assuming that dinner was a healthy meal, leftovers are great time savers and they’re mostly not too bad on the taste buds.

2. Salads
It’s one of the fastest meals one can make. Depending on what you like on your salad, this could easily take you five minutes to make. Add a rice cake or two and you’ve got a good filling meal.

3. Sandwiches
The healthy route for this would be gluten free bread or low gi seeded bread. There are more options but I find those two satisfying. I try to stay away from butter and use smooth cottage cheese instead. Pack it with lettuce, roast beef slices and you’ve got a winner.

4. Fruit
This would go with snacks on the side such as dry fruit, peanuts, rice cakes or a 100g cup of yoghurt. Usually one banana and two other fruit servings do me a world of good.

The aim is to fill up on a healthy meal and not to starve yourself so don’t restrict yourself too much. But I don’t mean get a take away after your fruity lunch haha. Usually a smoothie helps to keep the hunger pangs away plus they’re really good. Be healthy, be a better you 🙂


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