#TBP choosing the strawberry swing


God has been incredibly awesome! From deliverance to showers of love to revelations of promises and the life I’m supposed to be living to letting me know that I have been blessed with every spiritual blessing there is…I’m telling you, I’m a lucky soul to be able to be reckoned with the blood of the lamb. There’s a sermon I still have to listen to. Title: it’s your choice to live below the mark. I think the title says it all. Lol the title is the sermon!

But on a serious note I am over living below the mark. I’m so over not seeing myself the way God sees me. I’m so over being miserable. Because that’s what you become, a young miserable person walking around pretending everything is alright when it’s not. Listen, when you’re not okay you’re not okay! There is an art in accepting that and living through it. Mind you I did not say live with it. You don’t have to live with misery. Nowhere in the nine fruits of the spirit did they mention misery. Live through it. Do what you have to do and move right along. Life is too short!

Two weeks ago, on a Sunday, I sat next to an interesting fellow at church. After the service I felt rather compelled to converse with him but doubt got the better of me. But it didn’t get the better of him. Before he left he looked at me and said goodbye. I smiled and started a small convo. Last week at church they announced that he passed away in a car accident. I couldn’t believe it!! This young man was here just a week prior and now they were telling me he’s dead. That was such a wakeup call for me. Time waits for no one. While you’re busy being miserable, someone somewhere is making their dream a reality. Let’s start walking right. Let’s start walking right into our destinies.

Procrastination is only a word until you give it reason and power to become a force. You’re bigger than that! People usually say life starts at 40, I say life starts when you give your life over to the author of life. I reckon the reason why Christianity is sometimes a difficult walk is because the minute you surrendered, you took your first step into your destiny. The devil hates that. He doesn’t want us to know our purpose hence he tries to make our lives a living hell. But because we serve an all-powerful God, He’ll not only destroy that hell but He’ll bring you heaven on earth!!! Choose to live above the mark. Choose to raise the bar for yourself. Choose to live a purpose filled life. Choose to live a good life.
P.S: I’m so over choosing the ordinary over strawberry swings 🙂


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