#Fitness Ironman 2016


I have a dream. It’s ambitious. Some say it’s too ambitious, some say it’s crazy…I don’t care. I have a dream and my dream is to be a 2016 Ironman contender. I’m 155cm tall and I weigh 74kgs which makes me obese according to the BMI calculation but I DON’T CARE! Why? Because I have a dream.

What scares me the most is looking back a year from now and having not done anything. It’s a crazy dream that requires adjustments that my body will think are crazy. But I can’t not do this. I have resolved in my heart that I will do it and I can’t fall short. I can’t fail…

I recently moved cities so my everyday schedule changed. I used to jog in the morning but being in a new city, I didn’t know how safe that would be. I then decided to join the gym. It’s a commitment and I’ve realised that I’m actually quite terrified of commitments. However, I have to do this. So I’ll be keeping track of my progress and hoping to God that I don’t disappoint myself. I have a dream.


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