#Review Bethel We Will Not Be Shaken


“Bethel music exists to carry the culture of heaven to the nation through song.”

That is exactly what they’ve accomplished. Throughout the world, Bethel is known not only as a community of people that live to worship the Lord, but also people that carry the anointing to minister through song. They’re new album, We Will Not Be Shaken is one that carries songs of deliverance, praise, faith filled declarations and intense worship. It comes with a DVD that portrays the beauty in and amongst them as they worship God into the night. Recording on a mountaintop setting, this Redding, California based ensemble has truly reached another level of faith that is seen in their worship.

One thing that remains constant throughout the album is the presence of powerful, emotional, personal and prayerful lyrics. The opening song, we will not be shaken, starts us off with declaring that through God’s unfailing love, we will not be shaken. This is a song of truth over facts; stating that no matter what is going on around us and in our lives, His unfailing love establishes us on solid ground. No longer slaves has a similar theme. It is a declaration and a confession of no longer being slaves of fear because we are Gods own children. Led by Jonathan and Melissa Helser, this song brings raw emotion as it is also a song of deliverance.


Jesus we love you stands out as an anthem of worship and gratitude for all that God has done, breathing in life to things that we thought were dead. It’s an intimate song that seeks to praise God for personal triumph as well as those of others. Amanda Cook leads a beautiful two part song titled You don’t miss a thing. The first part of this poetic song captures the essence of Gods beauty while the second part acknowledges God as an omnipresent God. Seas of crimson, You are my one thing and Who can compare to You carry the same anthem spirit of highlighting the glory and beauty of God that cannot be taken away from Him.  Home is a song that captures ones spirit to sing and worship along with the gifted vocalist Hunter Thompson.


The closing song, In over my head (crash over me) by Jenn Johnson, is one that reminds me of Oceans by Hillsong. It is a song that comes from a place of deep conviction. The words give life to the melody that it carries. It brings a beautiful ending to this session of worship.





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