#Guest_Blogger Asa – soul searching


The burning sensation that I’m feeling right now tells me that this is not it, this is not the end of my story, actually more like the beginning. I’ve been going through a little self doubt and I’m not the kind of person that believes in pity parties so I definitely had some soul searching to do. And this is my journey…

I was just watching top billing, a show that’s a sort of gateway for me, a gateway to other realities, to dreams that seem so far but yet soo close. Now while watching the show I just had the biggest ahaa moment. Nothing in this life is far beyond my reach. Nothing is unattainable, nothing is unattainable for anyone. The reason things work out the way they do is because we tend to give up on ourselves. We give up on our abilities, our hopes, goals. We stop dreaming. I’m reading this beautiful book called Conversations with God and the one thing I’m learning right now is when you want something, whatever it may be you have to put in the work, have a plan, create your future exactly the way you want it to be and no one will stand in your way.

I once had a plan and along the way I lost track of it, I lost track of the things that I want. I ended up wanting to follow the crowd with no real understanding of what my real plan was and I mean it’s only understandable because we get soooo busy trying to prove ourselves in this world and to try do right so much so that we lose track. I have no one to blame but myself. I stopped doing the work, I stopped focusing on myself and thing is I’m the kind of person who gets soo involved and into someone or something that I forget that I have to be selfish at times.

Each and evey soul requires that stillness, that connection with the higher power, that moment where it’s just you and God. That is where things come together, that is where you remember who you are and what you want to bring to this earth. Have something that connects you to your soul thereby bringing you closer to God. And with this you will never lose site of your main goal.

#RememberToFallInloveEveryday. Asa.


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