Follow up #Feature – Andisa Tundube


About two weeks ago I did a #Feature on a lovely young lady about an initiative that she is single handedly running. Her drive and ambition is highly contagious. Today, she’s letting us in on her life as a young, Christian, single (by choice) and entrepreneurial woman. Welcome to Andisa Tundube’s #Feature interview.


Place: social network (we’re worlds apart)

Date: 11 November 2015

Time: 18:00

Agenda: Knowing her 🙂


KQ: Thank you very much for agreeing to do the interview, it’s pretty sad that we’re doing it via social media. I have about 10 questions, both personal and professional. Feel free to be as expressive as possible. Ready?

A.T: I’m ready


KQ: Alright. Tell me, how were you as a child?

A.T: Growing up as the only child, I was pretty happy; fresh, always out and about. Everywhere I went, I made sure that I made friends and left a mark with my drama. My grandma always said that it was easy to notice that I’m not feeling well because things wouldn’t be the same around the house.


KQ: *chuckle* and you are dramatic hey 🙂 So I gather you had a good childhood…

A.T: Yes, I had a good one


KQ: Would you say that you’ve changed with the transition from high school to varsity to working? If yes, how so?

A.T: Yes Kanyi, I’ve changed. I…well growing up, or should I say since right before high school, since grade 7, I’ve struggled with weight issues. On top of that I had a dodgy hair cut (s-curl), I had acne and I was terrified about growing up. From that I had to find myself and discover who I really am. That went on from grade 7 ‘til matric but in grade 11, I started getting a clear picture as to who I am. That’s when I told myself that I have to start looking after myself, considering my flaws but changing what I could. That’s when I grew my hair, went on acne treatment, joined taebo classes that I’d go to when I go home during the holidays, lost weight…in that whole process, I got swine flu.

That happened when I was in matric. I then lost a lot of weight due to the illness. I was hospitalised for three months I think, right before my exams. Then when I got to varsity, things were totally different. I had to grow up a bit and be independent because I wanted to change my image (I was quite boyish). I then got myself a part-time job and started getting weaves, doing my nails and just being proper. I’ve come a long way but I’m enjoying the journey.


KQ: Wow, that’s pretty hectic and inspiring…and then came A Clear Perspective. How did the initiative come about?

A.T: The past two years for me were a mission in terms of school and just growing up. I’ve had to adapt to so many changes and I guess God was trying to get me to calm down because having calmed down, everything started making sense. Also, on a general day to day, I use public transport and I’ve been exposed to people who are just chilling doing nothing and I saw the need to communicate the way girls talk, how they dress themselves, how they portray themselves as human beings and brands ‘cause I believe that in our own right, we are individual brands. I then saw the need to uplift and acknowledge how far one has come, personal issues they’ve faced and a way forward from those issues. That’s where ACP comes in.

Having A Clear Perspective…meaning you have to think logically and rationally about things. Because I live close to quite a few schools, I also saw that a lot of school kids need guidance with their future. You’d find that matric students don’t have a clue about what they’re going to do after matric and having been where they are, I thought let me take this opportunity and introduce this clear perspective movement. It’s basically a lifestyle thing; how you talk, how you dress yourself, how you walk, how you portray yourself, how you do things and how you tackle things. So I would say that’s where it surfaced…I hope I’m making sense. Oh and another thing Kanyi was to drill in self-worth to girls and their parents as well ‘cause they need to learn such things at an early age hence the parents. That’s why I’ve taken this to schools. I think girls shouldn’t be shocked when random boys tell them they’re beautiful. That’s a truth that they should grow up knowing.


KQ: Lovely…so how did you get the name?

A.T: It’s really about how you think of yourself and about how you see things considering that your perspective will drive you to your destiny or purpose.


KQ: So basically changing the way you think of yourself to become a better you?

A.T: Well said, yes


KQ: Why a non-profit though?

A.T: It’s just me giving back to the community seeing that I saw a need for this movement and the need to make a difference in people’s lives. This issue that needs to be changed is really minimal; it’s just a matter of changing the way one thinks and does things.


KQ: So do you have partners or are you a one woman show?

A.T: For now, I’m a one woman show


KQ: Neat 🙂 have you always been entrepreneurial or did it just come with ACP?

A.T: It’s always been in me Kanyi. I’ve always known that I’m a starter of great things and this organisation is a starter 🙂


KQ: Halala! Haha…girl child, boy child or both?

A.T: Girl child, I’m all about girl/woman empowerment


KQ: Woman empowerment or feminism?

A.T: Definitely woman empowerment


KQ: Apart from ACP, what other ventures are you busy with.

A.T: I love clothes, love dressing people up and I love shopping. I’d say I’m an upcoming image consultant as I’m going into designing modest church dresses linking well with the ACP vision that is “Taking good care of yourself and your appearance.” It’s going to be a brand called clear perspective for now and the range mainly being dresses. In a few years to come, I’ll be sponsoring my girls from disadvantaged schools with a full dress up session (dress, shoes and make-up) for their matric dances but that’s a long term goal.


KQ: Lastly, plans for 2015?

A.T: You’re getting me very excited hey…my plan for 2015 is to just watch the Lord show off His works and wonders through ACP, for me to grow in business with a clear perspective, praying for consistency, wisdom and zeal to learn each day from each and every person I meet.

Also, I’m looking into officially launching the organisation on the 13th of February 2015 in the form of a high tea event; dresses, heels, fascinators and hand gloves. More elaborate information about ACP will be discussed that day. We will also have a guest speaker to address the ladies present on the day.

Time: 15:00 – 18:00
Venue: still to be confirmed, visit the Facebook page for updates
Registration: R30 for young ladies and R50 for older ladies.


KQ: Thank you so much hey, next time we’ll do this over a cup of coffee *yum*

A.T: We would take the whole day! Thank you Kanyi for your time


She truly is remarkable. Visit A Clear Perspective on Facebook and join the movement. Be blessed.


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