#Fitness – 2015 health over fitness


So today marks day 2 of my 2015 jogging hustle. The first day (yesterday) was incredibly difficult. My alarm rang at 05:15 and after switching it off, I told myself that instead of starting on Monday, I’d just start on Tuesday. Unfortunately or fortunately (depending on your philosophical standing) for me, I told my entire family that I’d start jogging Monday morning. On queue, my mother came in and woke me up. At that moment, a tiny voice said to me, “There is no difference between the sleep you’re getting now and the sleep you’ll get when you get back from your morning jog.” So I got up, got dressed, tied my hair, brushed my teeth, washed my face and left. Today was a little easier, just a little. I hate how waking up at about 5a.m feels like so much punishment. It’s pure torture. Anyway it’s torture that has a rather good outcome. On both accounts, jogging at least 3-4km’s and power walking up two uphill roads, taught me the following lessons:

  1. Long, thick braids aren’t good for business. They weigh a ton and jogging with a ton on your head is not the greatest thing ever. They’re definitely coming off.
  2. Water is vital. It may not always be appealing but it’s vital nonetheless.
  3. Run your own race at your own pace. I jog with a friend and being the younger one who hits the gym more often than not, I thought I would surely outrun her. There were times when I was way ahead and there were times when she would be way ahead. Trying to catch up to people causes asthma attacks and frankly it’s tedious and extremely tiring.
  4. Talking to yourself, also known as thinking out loud, is therapeutic.
  5. A good playlist is the difference between a Garden of Eden run and a world war run.

A good and beneficial lifestyle is 80% diet and 20% exercise. Make your diet your lifestyle and not something that will lapse in three months. Health over fitness.



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