#TBP – On the way to Zoe


#TBP’s or Throw Back Posts are posts from my previous blog that I think still carry relevance. Be blessed as you read.

I think some of the most relieving moments in my Christian walk are when I find out that I’m not the only one being/that has been attacked by whatever monster is attacking me. My relief doesn’t, however, come from knowing that you bled as much as I did but rather from the fact that you bled and yet you’re still standing.

This afternoon I watched a sermon called Hello Zoe by Pastor Pushie Watson. It just hit me that sometimes, hearing someone minister, knowing what they’ve been through, helps you to start believing that even this shall come to pass. The second heaven unleashes all sorts of monsters that will not only make you doubt God (sometimes doubting God is unintentional) but also doubt who you are in God. I think the only thing more terrible than not knowing who you are is not believing who you are. There are times when you listen to sermon after sermon and still leave lost. There are times when your pastor reminds you that you are apple of Gods eye and at that very second the devil reminds you about what you did 2 years ago and you shrink. And in that corner there’s a small voice reminding you that the devil is a liar and that your sins have been forgiven and that you have the authority and the ability to crush that lie…but you stay in that corner.

I don’t know about you but I’ve had a lot of those experiences. I’m at a point where God is literally starting from beginning, reminding me of who I am and whose I am. From ephesians 1 to ezekial 16. He is slowly drilling back my identity. Pushie reminded me that God never lets His children go. We were born for a reason. We ought to stop meditating on the problem and start praising the God that gave you victory even before time began. Problems come but rest assured that they also go. And when they go…oh glory! When they go! When king Nebchednazar realises that there is a fourth man and decrees that anyone who says anything bad about Shedrack, Meshak and Abednigo’s God! When Job realises that God did not His back on Job but that he was being attacked by Leviathan and God restores Job’s riches! God does not let things happen for no reason! My pastor said that sometimes you have to let God put you in that basket, floating down the river, feeling rather directionless, just so He can place you in a palace where you will be king or queen. Sometimes a little wind and a couple of potholes are what will make your meet with Zoe more meaningful.

How am I getting by? The word. You read it, you believe it, it manifests. There’s someone out there waiting for you to claim that victory and climb higher heights with the Lord. There is someone out there whose victory depends on your victory. Keep on keeping on.


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