High tea



This past Saturday I had the great privilege of attending a High Tea event organised by my sister’s friend. What an experience!!!! It was sooooo beautiful! I bless God for the lovely weather! And by the way, this post is going to have a lot of exclamation marks so brace yourselves. As I was saying, what a beautiful event it was! The decor, the food (omg the food! So simple yet so lovely), the strawberry daiquiri, the photo booth, the ladies that were there but mostly the guest speakers!!!! Yho! My God!!! I’m in awe and I really don’t think I can post anything meaningful about the event so I’ll just share some pictures. I will, however, be referring to the words of wisdom that were shared by the three beautiful guest speakers as time goes by. Yhu hayini yaze yantle into!!! It was so gorgeous that I am not ashamed to say that I am taking every bit of that decor and using it for my grad party next year! Yes! I said it! Mbali yandiva, Siyanda yandiva, Lusanda sisi yandiva!? Goodnightini engok, Nkosi inisikele betuna 🙂 









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