Trend: Headpieces


So I am completely fascinated with this trend (that isn’t really new). Headpieces!!! Ok so I don’t really know what his type of headpiece is called so I’ll just stick to “headpieces!!!”. It’s an incredible addition to the hair accessory list and really a good buy for anyone who owns it. There are so many ways one can wear these. I have on a rather casual one for a rather casual night at church. This type of headpiece has become more popular now, post its bridal niche.

They come in various sizes and shapes each capable of working throughout the day.  My favourite is obviously the chain looking like one. It’s the most casual of them all helping you dress down any formal outfit. I also love the flowery ones. They are a bit on the bohemian style but they work with quite a bit of clothing pieces. You can get the crystal ones for a more formal look. Whatever look you want to achieve, this lovely accessory is sure to make that look a tad more special.

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